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Iowa Street Garden Update

Here's an overview of our garden, showing the first two rows of raised beds

This is the back half of the garden, with two more raised beds to the left, our circular keyhole garden, and newly expanded growing space along the fence for tomatoes, peppers, beans, and cucumbers

We're growing hops in this little bed, with nasturtium to hopefully keep weeds and the ever-encroaching grass at bay

Sugar snap pea shoots getting their first grasps onto the trellis

Our beet and garlic bed. The larger garlic plants are a variety of elephant garlic we found locally- very excited for those

Jerusalem artichoke/sunchoke in the keyhole garden- it's our first time growing these versatile tubers- they'll be great raw, cooked, or ground into flour!

We built a little spiral out of chicken wire to act as a trellis for two types of cucumbers- a pickling variety and lemon cucumbers

We planted japanese cucumbers at our slanted bamboo trellis, but unfortunately the chickens broke out and ate all of them last week... It was a little too early for them anyway, so we'll reseed soon.

The black beans sprouted last week

The black beans are growing under one of our bamboo teepee trellises- we cut notches in the bamboo and strung twine for horizontal support. There are three more teepees for bolita beans, garbonzo beans (chickpeas), and Italian pole beans.

Tomatoes in the ground survived the cold weather we had a couple nights last week. We're still waiting to plant the majority of our tomato plants, but we wanted to get a head start.

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