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First Garlic Harvest of 2013

We love growing garlic! It’s one of the easiest crops we grow, requiring very little input or upkeep. We use it in nearly everything we cook, and it stores well – no canning or dehydrating necessary!2013_07_08_058We harvested about half of our garlic on Sunday, about 120 heads. They’re curing in the basement on the shelving unit previously used for seedlings, with two fans directed at them to increase air flow. I’m looking forward to braiding them after they dry out a little!

2013_07_07_055We’d planted this garlic last October at Sunset Hills. Three rows are a softneck variety we bought from Local Harvest, the last row has some elephant garlic and some hardneck garlic from cloves we’d grown and saved.  We noticed that some of the softneck started to fall over (lodge), meaning it was time to harvest.

2013_07_10_068A head of softneck garlic is composed of a mosaic cloves, while hardneck garlic has a hard stem through the middle and a ring of cloves around it. This stem is where the scape comes from; softneck varieties don’t form scapes. Softneck varieties grow and mature more quickly and are said to store better than hardneck but have a milder flavor.