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Preparing for the Year of the Deer


We’ve spent a lot of time getting our new Sunset Hills garden ready for planting. We originally intended to build trellises for each row of tomatoes, but we actually managed to scrounge up enough rebar and wooden stakes for each tomato plant (45 of ’em!) to have its own stake. Thanks to Backdoor Harvest for some of the stakes and a much-needed post driver, and Eric’s mom for her help!

We’ve also erected a 7′ tall fence around the perimeter with “wildlife netting,” to keep the deer out. All the stakes are placed at least 2 feet from the fence line so the deer won’t be able to reach. We thought about adding a second layer of chicken wire around the base but a horticulturist neighbor seemed to think the netting would be sufficient.

Yeah, you read that right- the deer fence is up in the photo above, but you really can’t see it! Here’s a close-up:

Since the fence isn’t readily visible, and we want to do everything we can to keep the deer away, we’re planning on hanging some mesh bags full of dog hair along it… and maybe some bright-colored lawn ornaments or a scarecrow. We did spot a herd of about 10 deer across the field while working this week- they’re out there and ready to eat!