Wild Gourd Farm

Organic Gardening in St. Louis City

Sunset Hills Update

2013_07_27_164We planted our Sunset Hills tomato plot in late April this year, earlier than any other tomatoes we planted. With the cold, wet spring we had, they’ve actually fared worse than their counterparts planted in May at Amy’s place and Iowa Ave. We’ve learned our lesson- planting too early, even if it’s after the traditional planting date (April 15th in our region), doesn’t necessarily get you a head start.

2013_07_27_167The good news is that our major harvests will be staggered- we’ll get a flush of ripening here when some of our other plants will be slowing down.

2013_07_27_171There are plenty of green tomatoes. I fertilized with a high-phosphorous organic fertilizer over the weekend, so we should see more production from that, too.



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