Wild Gourd Farm

Organic Gardening in St. Louis City

Memorial Day Weekend Iowa Street Garden Update

The biennial leeks we kept in the ground have grown huge flower stalks, ready to produce seeds soon!

The evil, invasive grass took over the bed after our first carrot seed sowing back in March. We had to dig out all of the grass, so we re-seeded the bed.

The carrots we left in last year are shooting up huge stalks and flowering. We’ll harvest seeds when the flower heads dry out.

We’re growing black beans, bolita beans (like pinto beans), garbanzo beans, and Italian pole beans on teepee trellises. The black beans, pictured above, seem to be doing the best.

One of our 3 types of cucumbers we’re growing this year is a pickling variety. We’ll also have Japanese long and lemon cukes.

We usually cut back the scapes on our maturing garlic plants to promote growth (and to eat them!), but we left some of these flower stalks so we can collect seed.

The potato tower experiment is going well! We’ve filled in with soil and straw once, then let the plants grow taller. It’s about time to fill in again.


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