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Frugal Friday: Oven-Dried Tomatoes

We picked our last harvest of yellow cherry and pear tomatoes in mid-December. Many of them were still green, so they sat in a paper bag and kind of ripened on their own with their natural release of ethylene (adding apples or bananas is supposed to help). To preserve our tomato harvest, we popped some of the ripened ones in our oven at the lowest temperature (170°F) to make oven-dried tomatoes.

yellow cherry and pear tomatoes

We cut them in half and put them on wire racks over baking pans to allow heat to circulate underneath.

After several hours…

oven-dried tomatoes

We checked the tomatoes regularly and removed them individually when done- smaller tomatoes dried more quickly.

This can also be done in an electric dehydrator, or, even better, a solar dehydrator like the one Maya Creek has. We’re storing the dried tomatoes in a small jar of olive oil in the fridge. They’re wonderful tossed in our pastas or topping our homemade pizzas, and so much cheaper than store bought sun-dried tomatoes!

oven dried tomatoes


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