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The Craftiest Time of the Year

Eric’s family decided to give homemade gifts this year. We were all impressed with what we came up with and agreed that exchanging homemade gifts is more gratifying than the traditional consumerist approach.

Eric and I gave paintings, home brewed hard cider, and jewelry made from shells from a family vacation:

For Grandpa
For Cinda
For Amy & Cinda
In return, we received these wonderful gifts:  

Display trays made from records

"All purpose cups" from mason jars and candle sticks

A literal "book bag," made from a book

Hand made stationery with envelopes

Chalkboard wine glasses & cork board

Peace wreath made with sticks and twine

And a Mardi Gras wreath


One response to “The Craftiest Time of the Year

  1. Mom December 26, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    Thanks for photographing all the goodies., I also took pictures to remember what a great surprise we had when we shared our creations. What a great time! Keep the ideas rolling.

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