Wild Gourd Farm

Organic Gardening in St. Louis City

Frugal Friday: Free Apples

If you know where to look you can find a lot of valuable things for free. This week we saw an offer on the “Free” section of St. Louis Craigslist for 10 pounds of organically grown apples. The offerer had a large apple tree in his yard and couldn’t eat all the apples himself.

They’re not the prettiest apples, but considering the price (free!) we took them gratefully.

We juiced most of them, though we found our juicer was not terribly efficient. We got a gallon of juice (to be brewed to make hard cider) but also a large bowlful of apple pulp as a byproduct. We were already planning to give the cores and seeds and bad parts we cut out of some of the apples to the chickens, so we wanted to make use of the extra apple mash. The solution:

Homemade apple butter. We followed a recipe online (but reduced the sugar drastically) and used our crock pot. Then processed the jars in a water bath to keep fresh all winter long.

And we still had apples to go through! So we made some apple pie, and there are still a few apples left. That free box of apples more than paid for itself!


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