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chicken feathers everywhereIt looks like one of our ladies exploded in the chicken run, but fortunately it’s just Mother Clucker and Fanny molting. Chica and Yolko appear to be on a different schedule.

Poor Mother CluckerThey’re shedding their feathers and will grow in a new set to keep them warm this winter. Mother Clucker, the Partridge Rock hen at the right, is in the worst of it.

Here chick chick chicks!Molting chickens may look and act sickly- as you can see here Mother Clucker is hiding and refusing treats- but they’re focusing all of their energy on regrowing their feathers.

Mother's feather

Molting chickens need extra protein to stay warm and replace protein lost through their molting. We’ll keep them warm and full with protein-rich scratch.


3 responses to “Molting

  1. La Petite Pastry Monkey October 12, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    Stumbled onto your blog. Your chickens are beautiful!

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