Wild Gourd Farm

Organic Gardening in St. Louis City


Our cucumber bed at Dave’s place has been exploding lately! We’re growing a variety of cucumber suited for pickling, though their thin skin and sweetness make them a great raw treat too.


We pickled about three pints’ worth of cucumbers a couple weeks ago. We cut them into slices and spears and added them to our jars with sliced onions, crushed garlic cloves, and dill (all from our garden).

We then added a boiled solution of water, vinegar, sugar, salt, and crushed red pepper to each jar until mostly full. Then to seal, we placed the jars in a boiling water bath for about 10 minutes. We kept one jar in the fridge and two in the basement in a dark spot until last week.

We’ve already gone through the first delicious jar of our homemade pickles. We’re letting the other pickles age a little more before enjoying them!

In the meantime, we’ve still been harvesting lots and lots of cucumbers. They keep well in the fridge in a bowl of water, and we’ll be pickling again soon.

Luckily, we made a great connection with a local restaurant blocks away from our garden at Dave’s Place. That’s right, you can find some of our cucumbers in the delicious wraps and salads at Labeebee’s Mid-East Cafe on Cherokee Street! They happen to have the best falafel in the city, and we’re looking forward to sharing more of our harvests with them.


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