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The book The Town that Food Saved by Ben Hewitt chronicles the efforts of young agricultural entrepreneurs (“agripreneurs”) and the local residents in Hardwick, Vermont, a largely depopulated blue-collar town whose economy had hinged on granite quarrying.

In the past decade, agripreneurs focused on local, organic food production have taken to the town’s cheap and plentiful land in the form of large scale agribusinesses, like an organic soy farm & processing facility and an organic seed business.  The problem? The local population can’t afford the food produced by their neighbors. Thus a local food scene has lost its roots and has transformed into a national industry, shipping organic goods across the country.

The book does a great job showing both sides of the issue. We just heard that NPR will be airing a segment on Hardwick’s food movement tomorrow, June 15 on Morning Edition from 5-9 AM Central. If this piques your interest and you live around St. Louis, let us know and you can borrow our copy of the book!

And here’s a link to the story if you missed it.


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