Wild Gourd Farm

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Saving Spicy Salad Seeds

We try to harvest and save seeds from everything we grow. Last fall we enclosed one of our raised beds at our community garden. It was the first hoop house we built, and we planted a bunch of mesclun lettuce mix, spicy greens mix, spinach, and kale. We loved being able to harvest salads throughout the winter (like this one on January 30, 2011).

The greens grew like crazy in the early spring when they were enclosed and had a head start when we opened the hoop house after the last frost. They began to bolt and produce flowers and seed pods earlier this summer.

Kale pods

By now, we’ve let the plants dry out so we can harvest seeds.

dried pods

uprooting plants

Last week we uprooted the dried plants and shook them upside-down into a large paper bag to dislodge the seed pods. Then Eric sifted the seeds out of the pods in small batches in a steamer basket.

 Included in the mix are: tatsoi, mustard greens, arugula, garden cress, red russian kale, endive, and other spicy greens.seeds!

Oddly enough, we happened to find this large seed sifting apparatus at a garage sale the very next day. We’re looking forward to using it!


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