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Frugal Friday: Wrapping Gifts

Newspaper is our wrapping paper of choice for many reasons, but when it comes to gifts for Mother’s Day, it just doesn’t seem special enough. With a little time, you can get creative and add some embellishments that your mom will surely appreciate!

You can easily transform a newspaper print ad into a peacock centerpiece. Fold down the newspaper accordion-style, then fold in half and tape the inside folds together and the outside edges to the gift, like so:

Or make a newspaper rose:
          To start, take a strip of newspaper and loosely roll it around itself to form the innermost part of the rose. Then wrap successively larger strips of newspaper around the center, taping each at the back. Gently fold the petals outward as you go to give them more definition.

You could use pages from magazines or re-use some tissue paper, too.


One response to “Frugal Friday: Wrapping Gifts

  1. Mommymuffin May 8, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    And I speaketh from experience, the gift wrapping (and gifts!) were wonderful–thank you for a gloriously happy Mother’s Day!

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