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Dog house turned chicken coop

Here you can see the dog house in the background to the left of the hoop house.  We bought it for $30 intending to use it as a chicken coop.  It has a hinged roof, which will make collecting eggs easy.  This is the only picture I have of it before we started altering from a dog house into a chicken coop.

We raised the coop off of the ground by setting it on a coffee table we found in the trash. We bought the window and hinges from a local guy named Reegan, who has a warehouse full of amazing stuff on S. Broadway just south of the AB Brewery in the old Lemp Brewery area.  On Saturdays, he has a bicycle on the curb with a sign that says “Junque Sale.”  We highly recommend this place if you need any reused or antique building materials.

The sides of the dog house had siding on them but it was wearing out, so we ripped the siding off and pieced together T1-11 paneling scraps that we got from a friend. We also built three nesting boxes and a roosting pole on the interior of the coop. We will post pictures of the painted and completed coop and run in the near future.   It looks like we may be getting chickens a little sooner than we thought!

Edit: See more of our chicken coop in our post Our Chicken Set-Up.


3 responses to “Dog house turned chicken coop

  1. Johnny April 12, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    My wife Becky and I, are truly inspired by your coop. We are friends with Monica and Tom, who introduced us to your blog. We have started to gather up pieces to build our own coop. Would it be possible to see yours in person to get some more ideas.
    Thanks, Johnny

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